White Led Based Solar Home Lighting Systems

White Led Based Solar Home Lighting Systems in Ranchi

Our highly skilled research and development team specifically designed these energy-efficient Solar home lighting units for maximum lumen output. Abhishek Solar Industries Pvt Ltd is dedicated to providing premium quality White Led Based Solar Home Lighting Systems in Ranchi. They are reliable, eco-friendly, and effective solutions to light up homes at affordable pricing. We offer sturdy lighting systems that are long-lasting, maintenance-free, and can be conveniently installed. These solar power systems are portable and lightweight as well. 

Solar Home Lighting System Manufacturers in Ranchi

The high-quality lighting systems offered by us help to contribute towards creating a greener and cleaner planet earth. Our company is the trusted Solar Home Lighting Systems Manufacturers in Ranchi. We use high-efficiency photovoltaic panels to produce these lighting systems for residential purposes. They are beneficial in reducing monthly electricity bills and dependency on the power grids. This specific system is made up of a solar panel, an appropriate framework, a battery, interconnecting cables, and switches.

White Led Based Solar Home Lighting Systems Suppliers in India

The best thing about these solar lighting systems we offer is that they don't pollute the air because there is no greenhouse gas emission. They help in reducing carbon footprints as well. We are the major White Led Based Solar Home Lighting System Suppliers in India

Solar power lighting units can be utilized in rural areas with no electricity. Our company is the top White Led Based Solar Home Lighting System Exporters in India. They can also be used as an emergency lighting systems in residential establishments and commercial structures.

Products Related to White Led Based Solar Home Lighting Systems

Solar Home Lighting System

Product Specification

  • 15W polycrystalline panel
  • DC Fan * 1No
  • 12V / 7.2 AH SMF battery
  • Backup - 6-7 hours
  • 5W LED Tube Lights* 4 Nos

Product Description

  • Low cost solution for home lighting, emergency lighting and camp lighting.
  • No hassles of cable length limitations like DC systems. Can run cable to all locations of house. Can light up-to four CFL at a time.
  • Simple user friendly front panel display.
  • Low cost, alternative to expensive DC systems.
  • Built in high frequency inverter.
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What are Solar modules?

Solar modules, also referred to as photovoltaic modules or panels, are assemblages of solar cells that are connected together to work as a source of power for generating electricity. Installation does not require extra space because these solar modules can be mounted on the roof.

Energy bills can be effectively reduced by using solar power products. They can be beneficial in decreasing the carbon footprints as well as contributing towards a cleaner and greener planet.

Solar panels, also known as Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels absorb the energy of the sun to generate electricity. Solar power panels actually consist of a number of smaller components called photovoltaic cells, which turn sunlight into electricity.

In contrast to on-grid solar energy power plants, off-grid solar energy power plants are not connected to the utility grid. Although completely independent of the utility, off-grid systems are frequently more expensive. Systems that are connected to the grid combine significant electricity savings with grid dependence.

A photovoltaic pumping system consists of pipes for solar-powered water pumping, a solar PV panel, and a motor that operates the panel. It enables people to regulate their access to drinking water, livestock irrigation, and other household applications. Water is supplied to these systems from wells, streams, ponds, canals, and other locations.

Using solar energy has financial as well as environmental benefits. Solar products help to lower electricity bills and carbon footprints. These products are eco-friendly which means they do not pollute the atmosphere from the emission of greenhouse gases.

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